Want to get a nice job after you complete your studies or want to switch your current job for better position, interview is the biggest hurdle in your way. If you fail to impress the interviewer(s), you are not going to get the job. Interviewers make up their mind about if they want to give you the vacant position or not even before asking questions. Your interview starts at the moment you enter the room. Interviewer or panel of interviewers start rating you on how you look, how you carry yourself, what you have wore and how you sit. So the first most important thing is to get a haircut. Dress up well for the big day, put on a nice suit with good looking shoes and a classy wrist watch like the one from longines master collection to lay good first impression. If you succeed doing that interviewer will not ask complex questions because they already like you and unconsciously they want to hire you. Here are the tips to help you ace the interview but first you must dress accordingly.

  1. Get To Know The Company And The Industry

Interviewer may ask you how you see yourself in the company, who are their major competitors, who the company’s stakeholders are and what can you do to make the firm perform better then it is. To answer basic questions like these you need to research the company and the related industry.

  1. Clarify The Reasons Company Should Hire You

Do prepare for the question regarding what makes you best for the position and why company should hire you on vacant position. Here you can tell your strong suit with an example like you can say you have strong project management skills and add an example like I have managed various software projects from initiation to finish and coordinated with all the departments. Also prepare something to tell the interviewer why you need this job to show interviewer that you are really interested in the job.

  1. Prepare For Common Questions

Create a list of possible questions related to your field and job description. Prepare your answers according to your education level and position rank. You can also research internet for common questions regarding your filed.

  1. Do Practice Answering

You can prepare for the expected questions but to speak the answers out loud to a panel of interviewers with confidence is challenging thing. You need to be convincing. Try answering prepared questions at least 10 times, you see clear difference in the tone of first time and the tenth time you speak answer loudly.

  1. Prepare Yourself To Handle Inappropriate Questions

Interviewers may ask one or two questions about your religion, marital status and gender, which may seem inappropriate and may also be illegal in some countries. You can answer the question if you like or you can tell them what they want to know indirectly. For example, if you are asked about how many children you have, they might want to know if you are having one in near future and will need a leave. Here you can say you are committed to your career and will do your job with dedication.

No matter what happens in the interview do not give up. You may thing you would have been a good fit for job but have very bad interview. You can also write a letter or email the interviewer to tell him that you have done a poor job communicating why you think this job would have been great for you, inform him what you have to offer and close with saying you would really like to contribute to the firm in some way if possible.

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