Online shopping websites are competing and offering many offers to people in normal days. Especially now is the festive season! Needless to say.. this Christmas various online shopping sites have started bringing amazing discounts and offers, let’s see what they have to offer guys..


My 9 rupees offer !!

What to say! Offer for Rs.9!! 

Oh my gosh… People have been competing to buy items from popular online shopping company Meesho since 10 am. Sarees for 9 rupees, sandals, watches for 29 rupees, dresses and the list of offers goes on and on. If you meesho android app, try this offer now. Such a wonderful offer for you.

Buy every 2 hours!

That means this offer has come to buy your favorite product online every 2 hours starting from Rs 9. That means this offer will open at exactly 6 pm. After that the offer will be open at 8 o’clock. It is said that only those who order at that time can buy.

It is said that many people tried to buy at the same time. If you have the MeShow app, check it out. It says that these offers can be availed only till today and tomorrow 10 & 11/12/2022.

” Just share this offer and tell everyone about it… “

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